Are There Any Bonuses In Real Casinos?

In real casinos, casinos in Deauville, Monaco and other Las Vegas, players are rewarded for their attendance, even for the amount they have committed in the games 96ace indo kasino. Thus some casinos do not hesitate to offer hotel rooms, dinners to their best customers: to do this, customers make themselves known at reception and announce what their budget will be for the WE for example. The casino, knowing this, will allow the VIP client to access private rooms, offer drinks, the restaurant and even a room. In France, even for small amounts, you can benefit from free drinks offered by the main lotre online casino.

Online Casino Bonuses: A Weapon Of Seduction That Can Become Fatal

Online casino bonuses ultimately work on the same principle by offering their players free money or free playing time where they can try their luck longer for the same amount of money. This is often one of the rare criteria that separates casinos, so they all offer more attractive offers than the others and it is easy to get trapped when you do not know this environment.

In fact, online casinos can offer thousands of dollars in bonuses, but you have to understand how these bonuses work to determine if you can take advantage of them. Here is a summary of the different types of bonuses, with the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. The Bonus WITHOUT Deposit

The welcome bonus without deposit is a bonus which consists of crediting your account with a certain amount, generally around ten euros, with which you will be able to play. The advantage of the no deposit bonus is to be able to familiarize yourself with an online casino and to test it for free, or even to win a small gain.

Often, the casino will ask you for your credit card or Neteller account number to be able to benefit from this no deposit bonus: be aware that this is the normal procedure in the industry and that your credit card number is safe, it is about ‘prevent players from opening multiple accounts. Obviously online casinos, once they have baited you with this no deposit bonus, will encourage you to play and deposit money via the credit card you have already registered, it’s up to you to see if it’s worth it. You can view our selection of no deposit bonuses to the right of all pages of this site.

  1. Play For Free For One Hour At The Casino

A new practice that was launched in 2007 is for casinos to offer one hour of free play during which your account is credited with a sum, usually a few hundred euros. At the end of this hour, if you have won money with this bonus, you will be able to withdraw it. In general, this offer applies mainly to slot machines, the operators then speak of “free slot machine spins”.

  1. Welcome Bonus WITH Deposit (Match Bonus In English)

For your first real money deposit in a casino, you will be entitled to play in addition with a percentage of the amount purchased or a fixed sum added: this is what called a ‘bonus match’ in English: it is the simplest bonus and the one offered by all casinos without exception.

Ex: Take the case of a 100% bonus. A 100% bonus means that for every 100 euros purchased, the casino offers you 100 euros, so you will play with 200 euros.

Some casinos offer special promotions including bonuses on your second and third deposit. Bonuses with deposit are especially recommended for those who play slot machines to be able to play for longer and maximize the possibility of hitting a jackpot. We do not recommend deposit bonuses to table game players (blackjack, roulette, etc.), these bonuses may become a problem due to withdrawal conditions.

  1. Bonuses For Alternative Payment Method

When you use a personal account such as Neteller, Moneybooker, some casinos will grant you an additional bonus on this deposit which will be added to the amount of the welcome bonus, generally between 10 and 15%. This additional bonus is awarded because the payment method is the most secure for both players and casinos, and the transfer times are the fastest: casinos are therefore pushing for the use of such payment methods.

  1. The Continual Bonus, Known As “Loyalty” Or “VIP”

The casinos pay back to big players in general 15% of their losses, in an automatic way with some, with others a simple request by email or telephone is enough to be done. credit the bonus.

This loyalty program, or these loyalty points, are reserved for regular players, sometimes called “VIP” by casinos.

VIPs benefit from gifts, travel, exclusive bonuses depending on the casino where they play. A VIP player is a player who plays at least 100 euros per week. A VIP can usually claim 15% of his losses as a bonus. Be careful not to harass online casinos too much, an account can be closed very easily if you abuse the bonuses and the patience of account managers.

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